Sunday, July 26, 2009

Land Ahoy!!

This is one of those images that you frame in your mind before you take the shot, knowing exactly what is you want out of it and a good idea of you're going to achieve it.

This was taken at the St. Petersburg Pier in St. Petersburg, Fl during a photowalk I went on with my friend Mike Hoffman. I met Mike through NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals , great site full of great people and awesome talent, you should go check it out some time, if you are a photographer or graphic artist you'll be amazed at the community over there). As you can tell by the color of the sky, this was taken late in the day just 30 minutes or so before sundown. The pier area is a great place to go and take photos at, it's very much so a target rich environment. It's a really fun place with lots of interesting things to photograph.

As we were walking around the Pier, I saw the HMS Bounty facing the city, the sun setting and the skyline of St. Pete in the background. I had to find a way to incorporate all of those elements together in order to make the impact I wanted to make with this image. So I decided that I was going to have to attempt to capture this using HDR (High Dynamic Range, yeah, what a stretch for me to use HDR but hey, once an HDR addict, always an HDR addict). Since I had left my trusty tripod in the truck, I would have to hand hold this in order to get the 3 or more exposures that were required to turn this into an HDR image. So I leaned against the ship with my shoulder and held the camera as still as possible without leaning too far and falling in (of course at the time I wasn't too worried about that, it was after I took the shot that it became a concern LOL).

This was the first image that I worked on the next day, I was very excited about how it was going to turn out. I knew there was a lot of potential here and that motivated me a lot to spend the time working on it. It's pretty funny, I had joked to myself when I saw the first exposure in Adobe Bridge that this was going to be a Monty Python photo. It reminded me a lot of the Corporate Raiders scene from The Meaning of Life. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this came out, hand held HDRs are tough to pull off in low light, camera movement will ruin any photo and having to try to hold the camera still for 3 shots in a row, wasn't easy. I'm sure there's some motivational saying out there somewhere that would fit this image and a title like "Sailing into the Future" or something like that. Perhaps when I come up with something, I'll turn it into a poster.

As with this and most of the images I will be discussing in my blogs, they are all available at in the Art Gallery.

Next week's blog is going to be about Ghost Town, Ybor City and the day I lucked out and nobody was on the street. See y'all next week :)

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