Sunday, August 23, 2009

Delapidated Art

This is one of my favorite structures to photograph in Plant City, Fl. It's an old and still functioning fertilizer depot. Alright, maybe functioning is pushing things a bit but it is open for business although I doubt any trains stop there anymore.

This is an HDR image, made up of 5 exposures. I took this particular version while out on a photowalk with the photo club I belong to. I think this is the 3rd time that I have photographed this building. This is one of those buildings that if the walls could really talk, they would probably have some really interesting to stories to tell.

Was this warehouse used for bootlegging back in the '20s? Hmm, maybe, Tampa/Hillsborough County was a hot bed for organized crime back in those days. Perhaps some folks went missing after visiting the warehouse? Maybe a reporter got too close to a story here. Who knows. The place has this mysterious aura about it which is why I am always drawn to photogrpahing it when in Plant City. Of course, it could always just be my vivid imagination or something else much more sinister. (cue dramatic music). Anyway, it's a fun place to photograph and let our imaginations run wild.

Now, where is that Tower of Terror image I was looking for?
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