Saturday, August 15, 2009

What inspired foray into black and white.

You probably looked at this image and instantly thought, "He's going to say Ansel Adams is who inspired him to try Black and White as a medium." Well, you would be wrong. While I do like Ansel Adams work, it wasn't his images that spurred me on to process some images as black and whites. It was a gentleman by the name of Clyde Butcher. (you can find his site here ).

Clyde for the lack of a better comparison is a modern day Ansel Adams. He even shoots with a similar camera. Clyde is on a mission to photograph the Florida Everglades which starts in the Kissimee, Florida area.

Here's a link to a interview of Clyde that the St. Pete Times did. I'm a little disappointed in the reporter, there are so many things to ask Clyde about, surely they could have come up with less fluff and more content. To spend a day with such an interesting soul would certainly lead to some more in depth conversations, wouldn't you think?

Most photographers who shoot for the art aspect of photography, are well, doing it for the art aspect. I thought it was really interesting that Clyde thought of himself as more of a historian with some of his work. Quite honestly, he has a good point. He's shooting trees and areas of the state that are often affected by the violent weather we have in Florida. Some of these places and subjects might not survive much longer and without his photos and that of other photographer/historians, we won't have anything to show future generations.

So anyway, my inspiration for the photo above was purely Clyde. Please take a few moments to go to his site ( and check out his online gallery, trust me, it's time well spent.

The image above is of Lake Hooker, here in Seffner. I took it with the sole purpose of trying my hand at Black and White and I have to say, I'm hooked now. It was a fun photo to take and even more fun to work with in the digital darkroom.

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