Sunday, September 27, 2009

A bad day at the Island beats a good one at the office

Beer Can Island

Friday was a hectate day, I drove to Melbourne early in the morning to see a client and didn't find myself back home till close to 9pm. 5 hours of driving, many hours of standing and a year older to boot. It was a good day though, the time I spent at the client's was well worth the effort and the drive was nice to clear my head. After all, turning a year older is never fun, it's always nice to have little bit of alone time to convince yourself that only your sideburns are turning grey.

My adoring wife called me while I was in Melbourne to let me know that her parents had invited us out on the boat to go to the island. (Beer Can Island). I could use a little Island time so I'm in. I can rest on Sunday, it's what were supposed to do, right?

I enjoy the trips out to the island, it's pretty peaceful there and I miss the salt water so it's nice to be out in the bay for a few hours. Not to mention the views on the island are quite nice.
We had a great time with the exception of the mosquitos. Apparently they like 39 year old out of shape men who have a thing for photography. My god they were relentless, 27 bites later though, it was time to leave and our day was done. We really did have a wonderful time, I will remember to take bug repellant with me next time.

The island is a great place to work on your Enviromental Portraits as Clyde Butcher would call them. Most folks refer to them as landscapes but I see his point and understand the difference. Not every Enviromental Portrait has something of interest in the immediate foreground where most landscapes do or need too. I really enjoy Clyde's work, it's different, it pushes the envelope and it breaks the rules, I'm all for breaking the rules, if you don't, your work won't stand out.

There are those that would have you believe that you have to abide by these rules and you must have something to anhor your image. Maybe they do need those things but I don't and I know Clyde doesn't either. After all, it's your work, your interpretation and if you are happy with it then who cares what anyone else thinks. Besides, I'm not taking photographs to please other professional photographers, I'm taking them to show the world what I see and how I saw it and if someone else likes the piece and wants to purchase it, that's great, if they don't that's fine too. I will continue to enjoy my journey and hopefully others will continue to enjoy my work.

As always if you would like to see more of my work, you can find my photos at The Artistic Gallery has a lot of images available for sale. Hey look, there's a line now. :)

My Hometown

My Hometown
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