Thursday, August 19, 2010

That same shot might not be there tomorrow, take it today!!

For those that read my blog regularly, you know that I really enjoy both IR and  HDR photography.  It's a style that I just get and seem to have an eye for.  One of my favorite subjects is old buildings, there's nothing like old brick , stone and wood to get the creative juices flowing and set a mood for a photo. 

One of my favorite buildings to photograph in the Tampa area is in Plant City.  It's the fertilizer depot below.

This building has so much character it's not even funny.  The place just wreaks of great stories and if the walls could talk, they would have quite the monologue.  After all, it's an old dusty weathered building on a set of active railroad tracks, what's there not to like, right?

So the photo above was taken in May of 2009, the photo below was taken this past Tuesday (8/17/2010).

The difference you ask?  Well, back in 2009, this was an actual business, it's been there for more than 80 years, this past Tuesday when I went back, it was no longer an operating business.  The signs are gone, the windows are all busted out, anything metal of any value has been stripped from the building ,part of the loading dock is actually missing now and the tower has been stripped down to it's skeleton.  I almost sat down and cried.  This oddly beautiful piece of history was being reduced to nothing and I would imagine that in the next few months, it will be deemed unsafe and knocked down. 

What a shame?  There is however a very important lesson to be learned, don't take those things that are close by that you put off photographing for granted.  I've been putting off going to Plant City for months now because my beloved depot will always be there and I can go head over there anytime and photograph it. 

Here's all that is left now, a mere shell of it's former self.

So don't let this happen to you, stop, take the time to photograph those things that you think you can always come back to, there's always that chance that it may go away.

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